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Interior Cleaning
Carpet Shampooing
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Water Spot Removal
Paint Restoration







dry cleaning

Dry cleaning any dirt inside the car and trunk

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dry cleaning

Stain removal and upholstery restoration

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dry cleaning

Deep interior cleaning after flooding

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dry cleaning

Trunk and pile rug car cleaning service

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  • Ultimate Detailing
    We offers Ultimate Detailing at Roswell and Tucker locations. For more details visit our detailing menu at these locations.
  • Buy Seat and Carpet Shampoo & Get $10 Off
    We offers Seat and Carpet Shampoo $10 off discount to customers. Visit now at our Roswell & Tucker locations.
  • Brands
    We use industry leaders products at all our sites: ArmorAll, RainX, Blue Coral, Black Magic and Zep.


Home Run Derby Car Wash: Born in 2013 in Marietta, GA, we quickly set the standard for exceptional car care. From our first location to our latest in Tucker, we’ve been all about delivering top-notch washes and detailed services.

Expanding Horizons: With five more locations launching in 2024, including Suwanee and Macland, we’re gearing up to serve more customers across Georgia with the same high-quality service.

Why Join Us? It’s not just a wash; it’s an experience. Each visit transforms your vehicle, ensuring it leaves looking its best. Ready for the adventure? More locations mean more opportunities for exceptional service.

Get Ready: New adventures. New locations. Same exceptional care. Let’s hit a clean home run together.

Shami PatelShami Patel
15:18 27 Sep 23
I have come here for a few years now and service is a 50/50. Priced have increased so definitely makes me think about going to another car wash. The staff I have interacted with our fine and haven’t had any issues with them. Car on the inside usually looks really clean and a thorough job is done but outside of the car is sometimes good and sometimes they leave visible spots that are dirty. Might start looking into a new car wash. Plenty of seating inside.
Sheniece WashingtonSheniece Washington
13:41 27 Sep 21
If you are issued a RAIN CHECK PLEASE REVIEW!!Their RAIN CHECK policy is GARBAGE!! I received an auto detailing on Saturday, however it rained later that afternoon. It rained Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I called on Monday, the rep said we are closed, I explained that I received a car wash on Saturday and it’s still raining, he said np bring it when it’s a sunny day. I brought my car on Thursday (sunny day) the asst manager looked at rain check ticket and said it was expired. Right it was expired BUT IT WAS STILL RAINING!! The asst manager and I went back and forth, then he said drive your car through the car wash( normally they will drive it through the car wash) He said we wash cars in the rain! Really?!!? You should of brought it back then.I spoke with another manager, very clueless and no customer service! The manager then told the detailer not to shine the tires. On Saturday I PAID FOR FULL SERVICE and should receive FULL SERVICE! The RAIN CHECK POLICY IS VERBAL AND IT MAKES NO SENSE! WILL NOT RETURN
Amy HutchinsonAmy Hutchinson
19:40 26 Sep 21
I have to say this was the WORST way to spend my hard earned money. I decided to treat myself to a car wash to save myself time but that ended up happening anyway because the entire back seat of my vehicle was still filled with dog hair. There were streaks of dirty on the outside of my car as well as streaks from the cleaning product on the inside. I may not have spent a lot of money for most folks but this amount was a lot for me to spend and it felt like a complete dump in the trash with what I received. It's hard times right now and when we do treat ourselves it should be WORTH IT, this was not. I'm really disappointed and I won't be back.
Timothy SkinnerTimothy Skinner
00:28 06 Aug 21
First try to charge more..then try to update me...then my car was not done that great. The guy that checked me out was cool tho
Mal MalMal Mal
13:50 30 Jul 21
I had a wonderful experience the staff was great to me and deserve a raise and to be tipped more.
Maria FauscettMaria Fauscett
10:00 25 Jul 21
I can’t believe this place does not have compete 5 stars across the board. The location on lavista road did the best car wash with added interior clean upgrade. I can never find someone e to do and interior upgrade like I want with doing a full on detail for 150-200.00. You Dan do a 30-39.00 up charge. And these guy know what they are doing. It might take an extra 45 minutes. Your car will go into their detail part and they will detail your interIor. They are very meticulous. Their exterior is great too. But, the interior sold me. As far as price more then fair I have dogs with dog hair they saw before charging me and it was more then worth it.
Zen AerialZen Aerial
18:12 05 Jul 21
Used to love this place. Prices went up and service went down.I'm sure it's hard to find good help but, the past 3 times have been really poor service and they don't care about the vehiclesI Will not be back.Glad I didn't get the value card for the discount.
Crystal KitsmillerCrystal Kitsmiller
15:27 29 Jun 21
Did not get my car washed bought my son a used car wanted to get it detailed for the the 30 dollar price range they said they couldn’t help me. So honest people took it down there road guy detailed it for 15 bucks so if you have the money I’m sure the do a great job.
L. Munoz-SmithL. Munoz-Smith
00:04 10 May 21
This is the only car wash I’ve been to that cleans in and out for under 20 bucks. Every other place in Atlanta either charges similar prices to a detail wash or they only clean the exterior or it’s a hand wash. I go out of my way to come here. I enjoy sitting and waiting in the cozy and very spacious waiting area. TVs are plentiful but the volume is set low enough to still read from my phone.
Under the new management this place is a total disaster. I gave them a second chance, and they have proven, that taking as much money as they can, while providing the lowest possible quality of service is their agenda. They told me $49.00 for a thorough inside cleaning. What they provided me with was a car with many of my things thrown about. Additionally, the front passenger seat had not even been cleaned. Instead they piled a bunch of my things on top of the seat hoping that I would not notice. When I asked why they did this, they said, "we have no more trash bags!" This establishment, under new management, is nothing but a pit where the feel is very seedy, and the actions match. The behavior is disgusting. Take some wise advice, please don't get anything above the lowest wash as they are stealing your money. Take your vehicle to a reputable car detail shop and get your monies worth. These people are low and seedy in all their ways.
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